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  • MOBA Platform Catalog EN

    MOBA Platform Catalog EN13 MB

    All MOBA Products from MOBA Group. The Platform Catalog is divided into HMIs, Sensors and Controllers.

Operator Manuals & Setup Diagrams


The R.45.TC.PRO Android app is a simple user-friendly design that replicates the display and the controls of the R.45.TC.PRO inside the operator's cabin.

  • Connect your phone to the R.45.TC.PRO via Bluetooth
  • Ability to control the dead band, volume and screen brightness
  • Displays receiver deviations from the on grade position, alongside visual representation of LEDs activated on the R.45.TC.PRO

*Bluetooth connectivity required

*MOBA R.45.TC.PRO required

Download via direct link below or via Google Play store.

6.4 MB

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