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MOBA Fill-Level DetectionKnow immediately when the maximum filling level has been reached

FLS Sensor

MOBA fill level detection of containers in real time for optimal collection routes

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Modern online portal for effective management of environmental services

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Challenges for effective fleet management


Manually designing the collection tours risks not taking the most efficient path and therefore costing unnecesary fuel and time.


A substitue driver may need to take over a collection run if the regular driver is unavailable. This can cause issues if the substitue driver is not familiar with the collection run.


Having available information about the driving performance of drivers and the status of trucks allows vehicles to be kept in optimal working condition.



Container fill level detection in real time


The  fill level sensor (FLS) complements the integrated MOBA solution for efficient and resource-saving fleet management in waste management. Any container with any content can be equipped with the mobile ultrasonic sensor in the shortest period of time. Thanks to real-time data transmission, all information on fill level and container status is immediately available in the office, where it is stored and processed with the MAWIS U2 software.


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Today, cloud connectivity is a must-have for the future-oriented, environmentally friendly Smart City. Measurement data and sensor information are regularly transmitted to the cloud and can be retrieved from there at any time via the web-based software solutions MAWIS Web and MAWIS U2. Thanks to this modern, worldwide cloud infrastructure, you have access to your disposal information everywhere, whether from the office, on the road via the MAWIS App or the MOBA on-board computer in every vehicle.

Flexible in use

The level sensor has been developed for particularly flexible use and is therefore compatible with all types of containers thanks to its optimised mounting method.

Rugged design

With special attention to the harsh conditions in which it is used, the sensor was specially developed for durability: shock-resistant and waterproof, with special protection against chemicals and absolutely maintenance-free.


Economical upgrades thanks to extraordinary modularity (CleANopen, CANopen), which allows new functions such as the MOBA GWA waste lock to be integrated fast and simple.


For effective management of environmental services

MAWIS U2 is a powerful software suite that serves as a waste disposal management platform. Thanks to its modular structure which allows easy upgrades, it easily to requirements of each individual customer. The SaaS (Software as a Service) solution can be easily accessed via a web browser.

Your Advantages

  • Simple administration of addresses, orders, locations and containers
  • All data can be stored and analyzed at minimum effort
  • You can view all information at any time online
  • Increase customer satisfaction through fast delivery of all important information
  • Easy to customize or upgrade with new functionalities
  • Mobile APPs for maintenance & inspection, asset management, task management and service support
  • Out-of-the-box interface for easy and fast integration of third-party systems

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MAWIS U2 Modules

Always well equipped

  • Container management
  • Fleet management
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Tracking of vehicles
  • Triggering of events and various reporting tools
  • Ticket Center
  • Personnel management
  • Remote Access
  • Your Application

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We would be pleased to work with you in planning and developing the right module. You only get the functions you really need.