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MOBA 3D Paving

Absolute smoothness with every paver

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Creation Quality

Quality factors such as optimum smoothness and perfect compaction of asphalt layers are a decisive factor for long-lasting roads and low-noise traffic. This can only be achieved with a precise measurement and control system.

Creation Costs

Often asphalt paving is the decisive factor on how profitable a construction project is. The goal is to pave each asphalt layer with just the right amount of material while providing the best possible quality.

Creation Performance

During asphalting, you cannot measure the exact height and inclination without instruments. Manual measurement and readjustment is a time consuming and costly process while also being prone to measurement errors leading to poor results.



Absolute smoothness with every paver

MOBA 3D Paving

As an add-on levelling system for pavers and milling machines, it is the perfect upgrade for any type of machine and can be retrofitted at any time. MOBA’s many years of expertise in levelling technologies will pay off for you, too. Thanks to an exceptional range of compatible sensors and CANbus-based communication, the modular system can be adapted to your individual requirements at any time. Choose between a GNSS antenna or a total station with prism for your project.


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The 3D-matic adaption for pavers is the perfect assistant in building lasting roads with an extra smooth surface. Focused on high-quality paving or milling, the system controls the screed or milling drum outstandingly precisely according to a previously uploaded 3D design file. The 7“ touchscreen display MOBA Operand gives the operator direct feedback on the target and actual values of the height and slope. The crew is then able to quickly react to changes.

Easy to operate

While the rugged 7“ touchscreen color display is optimized for use in harsh conditions, the software was developed specifically to be user-friendly. As such, the split screen mode allows the operator to have different values in just one overview.

Open Data Formats

3D terrain models can be easily imported or created on the machine itself.

3D Measurement

High-precision 3D sensors (GNSS antenna or taotal station with prism) can calculate design deviations in real time. The components provide optimal performance as they are industry proven.

3D Paving System Components

  • Operating Panel

    Operating Panel

    While the rugged 7“ touchscreen color display is optimized for use in harsh conditions, the software was developed specifically to be user-friendly.

  • Controller


    Processes all values collected by the the sensors in real time.

  • Mast slope sensor

    Mast slope sensor

    Measures the slope of the mast.

  • Machine Radio

    Machine Radio

    For communication to the total station.

  • Total station

    Total station

    Measures the 3-dimensional position of the machine.

  • Prisma


    Reflects the beam of the total station.