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HLC wheel loader scaleMeasure weight quickly and accurately


Calibrated mobile scales for disposal vehicles.

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The MOBA HLC wheel loader scale will help you to complete any weighing project in the shortest possible time.

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Modern online portal for effective management of environmental services

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The permitted load capacity is easily exceeded if it can not be regularly checked. 


Individual trips to a statioanary scale are required in order to measure the exact vehicle load.

Precice Load capture

Without an on-board scale, the weight of the load can not be directly and accurately measured.




MWS Weighing system

MOBA equips industrial, logistics and waste management companies with even more flexibility thanks to more than 40 years of experience in development and manufacture of mobile weighing systems. With the CANopen bus solution as communications interface, individual components can be not only easily exchanged but the entire system can be converted and upgraded in a short period of time. This modular design makes the system compatible with any vehicle and a great variety of applications, whether as a truck body scale, front loader, rear loader or cran hook scale.


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Certified weighing system

As an experienced and adapt partner, MOBA offers a premium service for disposal companies and municipalities. Thanks to the complete development, manufacture and assembly from one single source, individual requirements can be met within a very short period of time and are always optimally cared for thanks to close collaboration. Due to the EC type approval, MOBA not only carries out the initial calibration of the scale but also organizes all further calibrations of the classes III and IV in order to ensure an all-time accurate and maintenance-free scale.


Easy to operate

The fully-equipped on-board computer with glare-free colour display and quad-core processor displays the weight directly in the driver's cab.



The MWS weighing system can easily be upgraded to a modern order management system with bin identification and on-board computer for route planning, bin identification, radio data transfer, tracking and navigation.



MOBA offers you a complete service for your scale directly on site by MOBA specialists. And we can calibrate the scales for you as well.

MWS System components

  • On-board computer

    On-board computer

    Central computer with high-speed processors, high-resolution 7" display and the latest software.

  • Load cell

    Load cell

    Calibrated load cell with rugged strain gauges that can be used for all types of scales.

  • Printer


    Printout balance vouchers directly on site.

  • Acceleration cell

    Acceleration cell

    Calculates the optimal weighing time.

  • Signal conditioner

    Signal conditioner

    Sensor connection box for up to 6 individual ports.



HLC Wheel loader scale

MOBA has been developing and manufacturing mobile weighing technology since the 1970s. With the MOBA wheel loader weighing systems HLC-1000 and HLC-2000, every weighing task is accomplished in the shortest possible time. Determine the exact weight of a load quickly and reliably during the loading process. Thanks to the dynamic weighing process you know immediately how much has been loaded – without any additional effort. The omission of a stationary weighing system saves time and optimises your work processes.


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The interaction of the GDC-320 ergonomic display and robust sensors make the MOBA HLC system a reliable aid for your weighing operations. With the aid of the accurate inclination sensors, the optimal point in time for weighing is determined and the weight is recorded effectively and saved digitally, if required. The system is complemented with the optional printer.

Easy to operate

User-friendly graphic display with ergonomic MOBA wheel, which can be operated comnfortably even with gloves.


Thanks to its extraordinary modularity, you can also benefit from cost-efficient and time-efficient upgrades from a wide range of additional components.


The GDC-320 can be programmed with CODESYS, by the user, for even more flexibility and for specific applications.

HLC System components

  • Graphic display

    Graphic display

    Ergonomic operating display with easy, intuitive operation - even with gloves on!

  • Pressure sensor

    Pressure sensor

    The hydraulic pressure sensor measures the exact weight dynamically.

  • Inclination sensor

    Inclination sensor

    Calculates the optimal weighing position.

  • Controller


    The SC-106 can process weighing data precisely and quickly and send it to the display in real time.

  • Interface-Box


    Allows communication between the display and the printer and USB stick.

  • Mobiler Printer

    Mobiler Printer

    Available as an option for the HLC system.


For effective management of environmental services

MAWIS U2 is a powerful software suite that serves as a waste disposal management platform. Thanks to its modular structure which allows easy upgrades, it easily to requirements of each individual customer. The SaaS (Software as a Service) solution can be easily accessed via a web browser.

Your Advantages

  • Simple administration of addresses, orders, locations and containers
  • All data can be stored and analyzed with minimum effort
  • You can view all information at any time online
  • Increase customer satisfaction through fast delivery of all important information
  • Easy to customize or upgrade with new functionalities
  • Mobile APPs for maintenance & inspection, asset management, task management and service support
  • Out-of-the-box interface for easy and fast integration of third-party systems

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MAWIS U2 Modules

Always well equipped

  • Container management
  • Fleet management
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Tracking of vehicles
  • Triggering of events and various reporting tools
  • Ticket Center
  • Personnel management
  • Remote Access
  • Your Application

Can´t find your application?

We would be pleased to work with you in planning and developing the right module. You only get the functions you really need.

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