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Waste Management

Pay-as-you throw fees for for municipalities and industrial companies

Challenges in municipal and industrial waste management

Citizens’ Enquiries

Without collected data and easy to use software application, enquiries from citizens or companies cannot be answered quickly and accurately.

Precise weight monitoring

Weight can not be directly and accurately measured without an on-board scale.

Legally secure proof

Only with a certified identification system disposal data such as emptying date etc. can be legally recorded and documented.

Pay-as-you-throw invoicing

Pay-as-you-throw can be achieved only if bin emptying can be recorded against and assigned to the respective owner.

High running costs

If garbage bins are not registered and equipped with transponders, there is no way to detect bins which have not been paid for or bins not provided by council. 

Reduce residual waste

An incentive system to improve waste sorting based on fee models can only be realised by automatic detection of container emptying.

INTELLIGENT Technologies


MOBA is developing a wide range of products and technology services which together with products from our partners form a network for data collection and management in smart cities – the cities of the future.

With these solutions, cities have access to a new form of intelligence that links the various systems more efficiently and improves the user experience of urban space, thus enabling the optimised use of resources.



Reliable, fully-automated bin identification system

The reliable, fully automated bin identification system MAWIS has proven itself in more than 20 years of Europe-wide use. The quick, simple identification and weighing of all types of waste containers optimizes the waste collection and offers significant advantages for both municipalities and disposal companies. By this means, fees can be charged for illigally provided bins and at the same time costs can be saved through a demand-driven provision of bins. The increased transparency of the disposal process saves considerable time since it enables an efficient route optimization of the vehicles and an effective complaint management.

System Advantages

  • Transparency of the processes involved in waste collection
  • Opportunities to intervene via blocking lists, etc.
  • Collection tour and performance optimization
  • Improved service due to prompt access to information
  • Option to convert billing according to individual container provision
  • More flexibility as the system is upgradeable thanks to the open CANbus interface

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Mobile Weighing systems

Precise weight measurement directly at the truck

MOBA equips industrial, logistics and waste management companies with even more flexibility thanks to more than 40 years of experience in development and manufacture of mobile weighing systems. With the CANopen bus solution as communications interface, individual components can be not only easily exchanged but the entire system can be converted and upgraded in a short period of time.

System Advantages

  • Time savings though short weighing times
  • Legally compliant billing on-site
  • Extraordinary robustness thanks to vibration resistant
  • Anytime upgradeable with a RFID or telematics solution

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Optimized collection tours for efficient waste collection

With the MOBA telematics solution, many other functions can be recognized that lead to an optimization of the emptying runs: better timing and geographic combinations of orders, as well as cost savings. Direct communication between driver and control center is now possible, as is navigation and recording of the driven route. A replacement driver also knows at all times which street he must turn down next. Using the recorded data, including GPS position, the route can be optimally planned in order to avoid wasteful routes. This operating data can be recorded as well. It provides valuable information about the condition and use of the vehicles.

System Advantages

  • Managing resources and equipment effectively
  • Optimal planning of collection tours, shifts and maintenance of the vehicle fleet
  • Follow-me function for precise guidance
  • All activities can be tracked (GPS and RFID)
  • Faster reaction to incidents such as traffic jams or stolen containers
  • Easy connection to external systems

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Container fill level detection in real time

The  fill level sensor (FLS) complements the integrated MOBA solution for efficient and resource-saving fleet management in waste management. Any container with any content can be equipped with the mobile ultrasonic sensor in the shortest period of time. Thanks to real-time data transmission, all information on fill level and container status is immediately available in the office, where it is stored and processed with the MAWIS U2 software.

System Advantages

  • Minimise disposal costs
  • Optimal utilisation of capacities
  • Optimisation of emptying tours by up to 30%
  • Reduction in the number of containers
  • Up-to-date information in real time

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MOBA Cloud

Proactive service and support

Having access to your machines via the MOBA Cloud facilitates central data management - worldwide and at any time. Our network of high-performance servers guarantees absolute reliability. As such, you have web-based and 24/7 access to the configuration and protocols of your machine. Safety is our number one priority; our server sites are located in Germany and the data transmission is always encrypted.


  • Real-time data transfer
  • Interfaces to other systems
  • Data analysis across systems
  • Manufacturer-independent data exchange
  • Protected server environment

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MOBA weighing technology for different vehicle types

  • Truck


    Calibrated body scale - Reduced weighing times result in cost savings

    MOBA System Solutions


  • Truck Lift Crane

    Truck Lift Crane

    Crane hook scale - customizable for every job requirement

    MOBA System Solutions


  • Front-end Loader Truck

    Front-end Loader Truck

    Dynamic bulk scale for accurate load recording

    MOBA System Solutions


  • Rear-end Loader Truck

    Rear-end Loader Truck

    Dynamic bulk scale for optimal Waste collection routes

    MOBA System Solutions


  • Sideloader Truck

    Sideloader Truck

    Dynamic bulk scale for optimal garbage collection routes

    MOBA System Solutions


  • Wheel Loader Truck

    Wheel Loader Truck

    Intelligent Scale technology for improved operating processes

    MOBA System Solutions


Who are MOBA's waste management solutions of interest to?

With the MAWIS identification system, you get legally compliant proof of every bin emptying. Illigally provided and stolen containers can be specifically excluded from disposal or quickly found again. Get more transparency about the processes during the collection through online transfer of the emptying data and the exceptions recorded by the drivers. Offer your citizens an improved service by providing quick responses to enquiries or complaints. Encourage your citizens to reduce residual waste by offering the ability to change billing to individual container collection.

Offer your customers an opportunity to reduce residual waste and increase your profits from raw materials with more recycling. Get more transparency about all the processes during the collection and optimize your collection tours and services based on recorded tours and accurate performance data. Exact and undisputed performance records thanks to automatic data collection save you considerable time, as there is no need to post-process orders and no need to make follow-up journeys due to incorrect reclamations.

Our solutions give you new billing models with special consideration of the pay-as-you-throw principle, i.e. you only pay for your waste and not for illegal waste containers. You get a precise, transparent proof of bin emptying with date and time and receive accurate and fast information from the municipality or waste disposal company on your enquiries or complaints. In addition you can lock your stolen garbage bin fast and let the disposal company or the municipality find it again.

MOBA offers you rugged, high-performance hardware components optimized for the waste disposal market, such as RFID readers, on-board computers, mobile scales or telematics solutions. All products are equipped with standard interfaces such as CleANopen or CANopen. In addition, we offer you customer-specific software applications and support services that you can use for a customized system structure.

MOBA Services


The professional preparation of calls for tenders prepares the ground for a successful system implementation. Since this is a unique project for you, but daily business for us, we offer advice for designing consistent and practical solutions. We help you to distinguish the important from the irrelevant.


As an expert and competent partner, MOBA offers a premium service for waste disposal companies and municipalities. Thanks to the complete development, production and assembly from a single source, individual requests are realised in the shortest possible time in close cooperation with you. MOBA has already equipped more than 120 different types of lifters world-wide.


MOBA offers you custom-made software solutions and, if required, we program and set up the required interfaces to other software applications. Of course you are also flexible to chose which server the application should be installed and where your data should be stored - at MOBA or directly at your site. If you have any questions regarding the use of the software, our experts will be glad to help you.


As a system house, we also provide container services if required, such as container distribution, the collection of old containers and RFID chip retrofitting. In addition, you will receive support from us in performing the necessary public relations work.


Due to the EC type approval, MOBA not only carries out the initial calibration of the scale but also organizes all further calibrations of the classes III and IV in order to ensure an all-time accurate and maintenance-free scale. Additionally, we offer you the corresponding certificates for your scales, which are used in commercial transport.


As a long-term system supplier, we take care of maintenance and all necessary repairs on the equipment supplied to ensure smooth interaction of all components. We also offer powerful web service applications. Via these online services, we can quickly and reliably offer you comprehensive diagnostics, parameter changes for devices, software updates and remote maintenance of vehicle equipment. That will save you long downtimes and costs.


In order to get the most out of your systems it is important for all users of the system to be trained appropriately. We train your employees by using modern training tools and practically experienced personnel to ensure smooth transition and minimal disruptions.

MOBA Community

Would you like to know more about how and where our systems and products are already being used successfully? In the online expert blog "MOBA Community", you will find interesting postings, event notices and exciting discussions, as well as numerous blog posts on various topics. As an interactive, international platform for the exchange of industry news, the MOBA Community is the perfect place to go for anyone who wants to actively participate in the development of the construction industry. We would be happy if you could contribute your own KNOW-HOW and perspective to interesting dialogues. MOBA COMMUNITY - INSPIRING MOBILE AUTOMATION.

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