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The implementation of highly precise lasers used for alignment will make the surveying process faster and more accurate.

Cost Effective Performance

Underground hardrock mining is an expensive business! Allowing quick and accurate alignment underground saves cost and leads to higher efficiency.


If boreholes or underground tunnels are drilled in incorrect positions, explosions and wrongly excavated areas may result in dirty break-off edges and rockfalls.

The right solution for every project

MOBA laser technology for mining and tunnelling

Whether being driven by tunnel boring machines, drill and blast, pipe jack or conventional hand techniques, MOBA has the perfect laser solution to help with alignment in your mining or tunnelling project. With more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the industry, MOBA has developed a wide range of products to suit the harsh underground working environments.

These solutions will help you improve accuracy of your excavations, minimise material and consumables waste, reduce the time required to complete the work and most most importantly improve the safety of your work site.



Drilling system for precise blast hole boring

With MOBA’s MDS-1000 drilling system, you can prepare your blast with precisely measured, uniform drill holes and immediately increase your cost efficiency. Save yourself time-consuming manual measurements and drill perfectly parallel holes of the same depth and angle in just a few simple steps with the assistance of the MDS-1000 system.

System Advantages

  • Easy to operate using ergonomic MOBA wheel
  • Extremely flexible thanks to being programmable using CODESYS
  • Upgrade-able with a wide range of additional components thank to the modular design

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Related MOBA drilling systems


High-end drilling system for a smooth workflow during blast hole borings.


Most compact intrinsically safe laser

The LD.25.IS laser enables accurate construction and alignment of tunnels being driven by tunnel boring machines, drill and blast, pipe jack or conventional hand techniques. The units are intrinsically safe and therefore do not require explosion proof containment when working in gaseous environments such as methane/air mixtures. The units are waterproof, rugged and constructed from stainless steel and brass. The laser is based on diode technology and powered by two ‘AA’ cells.

Product Advantages

  • Intrinsically safe and does not require explosion-proof containment
  • Long operating time of up to 50 hrs from 2 x AA cells
  • Adaptable to any application thanks to the universal gimbal mounting bracket

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60 Series Laser LD.60B

MOBA's premium tunnelling laser

MOBA's 60 Series laser allows tunnels to be constructed true where being driven by tunnel boring machine, drill and blast, pipe jack or conventional hand techniques. The 60 Series lasers are waterproof and made of rugged anodised aluminium bodies. The laser beam is based on diode technology and powered by four standard 'D' cell batteries or an external 6-12 V DC power supply. Using the custom designed adjustable gimbal bracket, the laser is easy to install on tunnel walls and adjust to target.

System Advantages

  • Robust and rugged thanks to all metal construction
  • Powerful laser diode achieves up to 500m working range
  • Long operating time of up to 300hrs thank to 4 D cell batteries

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Lasermax Line Lasers

The world's most versatile line lasers

Whether you are in the timber, metal, textile or printing industry, you can increase your productivity by using accurate laser generated guidelines. Using a Lasermax line laser can save you thousands of dollars each month by minimising waste and saving time.

The strong bright beam of light produced by MOBA's Lasermax is ideal for use in even the harshest industrial environments. Initial set-up is quick and precise and the unit remains virtually maintenance free for years.

Product Advantages

  • Endlesly configurable with different beam shapes and fan angles
  • Rugged all metal construction for harsh operating environments
  • Specially developed universal mounting bracket allows easy mounting and alignment in any application

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In addition to add-on systems that can be installed on a wide variety of machine types, we can also work with you to develop individual solutions that can be integrated directly into your machine. By working closely with you, our specialist staff can develop and manufacture a system that is perfectly adapted to your requirements.


Available to you any time

We offer premium products that have been specially developed and manufactured for use under extreme conditions, as well as first-class service and support. Our service technicians and application engineers are always at your side with advice and assistance and will be happy to help you with any questions you may have - and if necessary visit you on the construction site.

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Would you like to know more about how and where our systems and products are already being used successfully? In the online expert blog "MOBA Community", you will find interesting postings, event notices and exciting discussions, as well as numerous blog posts on various topics. As an interactive, international platform for the exchange of industry news, the MOBA Community is the perfect place to go for anyone who wants to actively participate in the development of the construction industry. We would be happy if you could contribute your own KNOW-HOW and perspective to interesting dialogues. MOBA COMMUNITY - INSPIRING MOBILE AUTOMATION.