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Challenges in construction


Minimise re-work

Achieve correct levels and falls to avoid water pooling and minimise re-work.

Reduce cost

Reduce cost by minimizing amount of concrete required by achieving level sub-base.


Improve productivity

Reduce re-work and number of workers required on site for improved productivity.



From lasers for interior use, laser levels and grade lasers for earthmoving, to pipelaying lasers and theodolites, we provide a full range of precision alignment instruments for any civil or construction project, no matter how big or small.

Our range of products will help you get more done in less time, with higher precision and less waste. Our comprehensive support and service will ensure your instruments are always ready for work and allow you to get years of return on your investment.


Cross Line Laser LS.4V4H

Easy to use, fast self-levelling cross line laser with bright highly visible red or green beam.


  • Carpentry: Level and set cabinets and counter tops, install trim and millwork.
  • Layout: Level and plumb checks, plumb framing and partition walls.
  • Concrete: Set forms and footings.
  • Electrical: Level electrical outlets, transfer layout from floor to ceiling.
  • Plumbing: Layout piping, sewer lines, drainage and feed lines, transfer sprinkler system layout from floor to ceiling.

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Rotec LS.RHVG Laser Level

Rotec LS.RHVG is a green beam automatic horizontal self-levelling laser level designed and built for harshest of construction sites.


  • Tough - high quality impact resistant housing and aluminum lighthouse protector for harsh operating environments.
  • Fast - high visibility pure green beam technology for quick and easy markups
  • Set & Forget - just set the laser and let it do the rest, knowing you’ll get precision readings every time.

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Lasergrader LS.230E

Premium Dual Grade Laser

The Lasergrader is a premier dual grade laser with exceptional and user-proven performance. Designed and built in Australia, the Lasergrader comes inbuilt with over 35 years of experience in local earthmoving industry.

The optional full function remote control allows you to control the laser unit via a radio remote. The remote may be used to display or change grade from a distance of up to 700 metres.


  • Input the grade directly using the switch pad or in increments using the arrow keys.
  • Battery can be charged while laser is in use, from 240 V AC or 12-24 V DC power source.
  • Two grade display modes - display the grade either as a percentage or a ratio.
  • Automatic warnings for ser vice required, low battery, self-levelling limit and level.
  • Elevation alert to notify the operator if the laser is accidentally moved.

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Pipeguide LS.140.G

MOBA's Premium Pipelaying Laser

The Pipeguide LS.140G features one of the largest grade ranges of any pipelaser for fast and accurate pipelaying in all conditions. Pipeguide is 100% waterproof, made from machined aluminium and comes in 2 different models to suit your particular needs.


  • High power GREEN laser beam with exceptional visibility
  • Impressive grade range (-20% to +35%)
  • Remote control for out of trench adjustments
  • Battery saving ‘standby mode’ via IR remote
  • Machined all-metal body

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MOBA Services


Custom-built to your requirements

In addition to add-on systems that can be installed on a wide variety of machine types, we can also work with you to develop individual solutions that can be integrated directly into your machine. By working closely with you, our specialist staff can develop and manufacture a system that is perfectly adapted to your requirements.


Available to you any time

We offer premium products that have been specially developed and manufactured for use under extreme conditions, as well as first-class service and support. Our service technicians and application engineers are always at your side with advice and assistance and will be happy to help you with any questions you may have - and if necessary visit you on the construction site.

MOBA Community

Would you like to know more about how and where our systems and products are already being used successfully? In the online expert blog "MOBA Community", you will find interesting postings, event notices and exciting discussions, as well as numerous blog posts on various topics. As an interactive, international platform for the exchange of industry news, the MOBA Community is the perfect place to go for anyone who wants to actively participate in the development of the construction industry. We would be happy if you could contribute your own KNOW-HOW and perspective to interesting dialogues. MOBA COMMUNITY - INSPIRING MOBILE AUTOMATION.

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